XC Series PLC
Faster processing speed, support 5 channels pulse output, 5 channels AB phase high speed count, motion control instructions, 2-axis linkage, interpolation, following, coordinates transformation, most functions of XC series such as high speed count, high speed pulse output, interruption, PID control.Can connect expansion modules and BD.



XD Series PLC

  • 32-bit CPU.
  • XDM provides 24/32/48/60 points I/O, is fit for

various applications.

  • USB port makes the downloading and

communication very fast.

  • Program capacity: 25K steps/data register

ID: 70K words.

  • The CPU processing speed is 15 times of XC3

series, 6000 steps of instruction only need


  • 4-axis to 10-axis 200KHz pulse output.
  • Linear or circular interpolation instructions.
  • Follow-up control instructions.
  • Powerful password function, protect the intellectual property right of customers.